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2-Chloro Ethyl Morpholine Hydrochloride

It has wide range of application in as an intermediates of floredil Drug, morinamide drug, nimorazole Drug, pholcodine drug. Agro Chemical industries also has applications of this product. Dyes Industries too use this product in the manufacturing process to produce some products.

2-Chloro Ethyl Amine Hydrochloride

Fine Chemical industries are using this product as an intermediate for processing various products. It has application to synthesize fluvoxamine maleate drug by pharma companies. It improves chitosan activities biologically. cosmetics industry, bio-medical and pharmaceutical industry are using to improvise vitro-antioxidants activity.

N,N'-Bis(2-Chloro Ethyl)Amine Hydrochloride

This product is used as intermediates to synthesize various chemicals which is also ingredient for piperazine derivative.